Wayne Nicholson


Bio from “American Squaredance” December 2000

Wayne Nicholson of Montgomery, Alabama was honored recently with a surprise party at his monthly “Fourth Saturday Night Workshop”. His wife Ruby along with a few friends were in cahoots with the planned surprise. Wayne was calling to the live music of the Union Station Band but was told for that particular night the band had previous plans and could not accompany him. So, Wayne went to Plan B and had his evening of dancing mapped out. But, when he arrived at the Montgomery Area Square Dance Association Center, the band was in full force with around ten squares ready to dance and many non-dancer friends welcoming him. Needless to say, Wayne was taken back.  
A Poem
(Tribute to Wayne)
Wayne was born in Clarkesville, Georgia July 22, 1933, joined the Air Force in 1950 at the age of 17, and married his wife ruby in 1952. They have five children, ten grands, and 9 great grands. He called the ol&squo;time or big circle type square dances in high school at the age of 13 and continued his calling after he joined the Air Force. He moved into calling Modern Western Style square dancing after taking lessons in Savannah, Georgia in 1959. since that time he has called in Japan, Korea, Hawaii, Bermuda and many of the states. He taught square dancing three nights a week while stationed in Korea and one group was taught through an interpreter. He was transferred to Montgomery where he joined the Star Promenaders and the caller let him continue to call while teaching lessons at Gunter Air Force Base. He formed the Trojan Squares in Troy, Alabama, The Prattville Promenaders, in Prattville, Alabama and the Square Ups in Clanton, Al. He was then transferred to Denver, Colorado where he filled in sometimes for the local callers. While stationed in Denver he and Ruby took round dance lessons from Darlene & Jack Chaffee. He retired from the Air Force in 1971 and returned to Montgomery and picked up where he left off. In addition to working full time with Frigidaire he organized the Levis and Laces Square dance Club in Clanton, Al and the Chilton Twirlers in Maplesville, Al. In order to offer dancers an opportunity to learn Plus dancing Wayne started his “Fourth Saturday Night Workshop” in 1975. There were as many as 12 squares who had all been dancing mainstream at least a year and were invited to attend this workshop. Wayne and Ruby were talked into teaching and cueing round dance basics and since that time have been featured cuers at festivals in Alabama and Georgia. Their first class for round dancing was in the feed room of their dairy barn. Twelve couples started, eleven graduated and ten couples formed the club “Happy Pairs Round Dance Club”. Wayne and Ruby have been calling for the Prattville Promenaders for 44 years. In addition to teaching contra dancing, line dancing and clogging. He has conducted several caller and cuer clinics and to his credit and distinct pleasure several of his students have become callers and cuers in the local area. He & Ruby were Chairpersons for Contras at the 1995 National Square Dance Convention in Birmingham, Al. Since his retirement from Frigidaire in 1991 he has filled his time with teaching three line dance groups for Baptist Health Senior Advantage Group in Selma, Prattville and Montgomery in addition to his calling and cueing for two active clubs, conducting caller clinics, and his demand to call for special dances.
Calling has been Wayne’s life. He has been a trailblazer in squares, rounds, clogging, line and contra throughout his 63 years in the square dance arena. He has made many friends and he and Ruby have endeared themselves to the square dance world. He is an active member of CALLERLAB keeping up with the new trends but holding on to the old. His belief is that square dancing should always be a fun activity and he does his very best to make it happen. Thank you Wayne for being you.
Betty Rose Hilton
Montgomery, Alabama